USOCR was created for OCR runners, by OCR runners.

As North America's leading OCR association, United States Obstacle Course Racing (USOCR) focuses on elevating the sport on a national level. Race directors, pro & casual runners, sponsors and vendors all use the USOCR hub to drive the sport forward with purpose.

For athletes, USOCR developed the premier national scoring system in OCR. The Obstacle National League (ONL) consists of hundreds of scoring events and race brands nationwide. The league provides racers a new way to compare their fitness and to see how they stack up to national competition. Leveraging a proprietary 'Par' system to score events, USOCR has created a consistent, uniform, and accurate method for runners to compete in all of their favorite circuits across North America.

Athletes also benefit from USOCR’s bulk buying power when they shop in the USOCR Members store. Members can purchase apparel, shoes, nutrition products and more at leading discounts. The store is constantly updated, adding and removing product, to ensure that the Members community has access to the newest gear, technology, and nutrition for their season at the lowest offered prices.

For race directors, USOCR’s risk management team developed the sport's first sanctioning program. Beyond providing uniform safety standards and event management guidelines, the USOCR sanctioning program ensures all partner events have access to the sport’s top-performing insurance policy, giving participants at the events peace of mind on race-day.

The company also administers an event management. The USOCR race sustainability program provides all affiliate events access to the U.S.’s leading suppliers in Home Depot, UPS, United Site Services, and Sunbelt Rentals. The association manages events through a custom software platform that provides affiliates direct access to negotiated rates on everything from construction materials & obstacle design, to t-shirt printing & rentals, and more replete with USOCR account management.

The company sees a bright future for the sport of OCR.