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Event Experts at Your Disposal

USOCR event management services are the culmination of two years of contract development and negotiation. The mission: to provide race directors of all event sizes unilateral access to superior contracts, efficiency, and customer service.

As a client of USOCR, you will have an extended team at your service to assist in any or all of the below features. Upon registering as a race director, USOCR will provide with unique login credentials to a customizable race director’s dashboard. From the dashboard, you can tailor your services to your needs, develop your events, and manage your budget.

Event Services


Even with well-planned safety measures and comprehensive risk management, insurance is still an essential part of every OCR event. To help contain costs and prepare events for the inherent risks of OCR, we teamed with ESIX Global, the world leader in sports risk management.

Their impressive tenure with USAT and USATF has provided unparalleled experience in endurance sports’ sanctioning program development. This expertise in tow, ESIX was integral in developing the USOCR program and event members can take advantage of leading rates on top-performing policies.

Event Services


Obstacles and race structures undergo harsh use and exposure to the elements as athletes navigate through competitions. USOCR verifies that building materials used by race organizers meet strict standards for structural integrity and race day performance.

The Home Depot partnership provides race directors savings across the full range of OCR’s most commonly used materials; lumber, plywood, paint, nails, rope, power tools, and more are accessible to the association at Home Depot’s leading discounts. Purchases can be managed through your race director dashboard or by calling the USOCR event services group. All orders will be packaged at the nearest Home Depot store Pro Desk, ready for pickup.

Event Services


UPS is the official logistics partner for USOCR-sanctioned races. We pass along our preferred pricing along with access to wide-ranging services including material handling, packing, and warehousing and distribution.

Intermodal freight can be planned in advance ensuring that your season is calculated around shipping budgets and time frames. USOCR’s event management group will work step-by-step to ensure that your season’s freight decision is streamlined and optimized.

Event Services


USOCR works with United Site Services to outfit your race site with the essential facilities. Your athletes will appreciate and a clean port-a-jon and the opportunity to knock off that layer of grime before climbing back into the SUV.

Rental orders are managed through our event management group ensuring that all orders are on time and under budget.

Event Services


Sunbelt Rentals is one of the largest equipment rental companies in North America, with a network of more than 550 locations. Through USOCR’s partnership with Sunbelt, race directors get preferred rental rates on tools and machinery.

Negotiated rates are some of the best in the business and our customer service is second to none. Whether you need power tools, backhoes, forklifts, or booms USOCR will get it delivered to your course for less.

Event Services

Obstacle Design and Engineering

At USOCR we understand that having state of the art obstacles is paramount to be competitive in OCR race production. Our experts work with some of the top race circuits on the globe and can work with everything from your Sunday morning sketches to expert CADs. If you can dream it, we can design it, for less!

Event Services

Sponsor Alignment

Brands across the U.S. are extremely interested in exposing their brands to the fastest growing and demographically rich sport in the world. At USOCR, we work with sponsors across the US, developing these interests and engaging them in the sport’s many events.

Local and regional players have many, if not more, opportunities to be sponsored than large circuits. USOCR will assist your event in identifying key sponsors in your market and developing support agreements to take your event to the next level.

Event Services

Participant Tees Printing

To guarantee that you have access to top quality products at leading prices, USOCR has partnered with Orlando based, Real Thread.

The Real Thread team is an industry leader in water-based printing solutions. Shirts are the highest quality in the business and their customer service unparalleled. Few items are as cherished from race day as collected t-shirts. With USOCR and Real Thread, you’ll ensure that your shirts keep runners coming back year after year.

Event Services

Venue Identification and Negotiation

Identifying the perfect venue can be tricky, especially if you’re shopping from hundreds of miles away. Fortunately, USOCR has developed a database of hundreds of venues around the country that welcome OCR’s to their property!

Moreover, we maintain negotiated rates with the majority of the database and will assist your event and striking the perfect deal. Research the USOCR way and begin building some of your most important business relationships for future race production - venue contracts.